Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The 2nd annual Fakes-giving was a great success. There was lots of food and lots of smiling faces. I made that turkey and I can assure you it looked (and tasted) much better in person. Gwen made some sweet potatoes and delicious stuffing and Heather made a wonderful apple crisp.

I had a great time.

Now I'm off to Tampa, FL for the "real" Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Flower Shop Boys

Yesterday, I visited the Flower Shop Boys. I hadn't been to their wonderful living-space-former-flower-shop since they moved there in mid-June. They have converted the green house into a screening room/theater and the downstairs is now a neighborhood computer lab. It's real popular with all the local kids, who can go there and play computer games for free and hang out with cool older kids. Everything was going well and John-the-Canadian was patting himself on the back for how nicely they were contributing to the neighborhood, when the police kicked open his door. He tells the story like this. He was sitting in his room in his underpants, there was a knock on his door, then a female officer who was holding a big flashlight kicked it open. About ten more cops entered and they searched the whole place. They were looking for a teenage run-away who had visited the computer lab before. They suspected that the Flower Shop Boys were letting the run-away live there. They went into the basement, and found the creepy maze they had built for Halloween, with fake severed limbs and fake blood on the walls. I guess it didn't have a good impact on the police officers that went down there. The FS Boys said that if the run away ever shows up again, they'll tell him to call his parents and let them know he's OK.