Monday, June 23, 2008

New Haircut

Feelin' snappy.

Pre and post funeral

You are not supposed to drink out of these (I didn't know!)

Funeral donuts from Weber's Bakery, my grandfathers favorite.

Post funeral drum session.

Cousin Reggie, who looks like Barack Obama.

My dad.

Pre and post funeral

My sister and I went out for lunch the day of the wake. We walked past the Harry Caray statue outside of Wrigley Field and, perhaps in a macabre state of mind, thought it looked creepy. It looks as if the deceased Harry Caray is trying to escape the torments of hell and is being pulled down by the damned souls of children.

Here we are posing with the statue.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My grandfather

He died June 12th at age 88. I didn't know him very well, but there are some great photos.

He's the guy with the lady on his lap (my grandmother). When I was little I saw this picture and thought he looked sleazy.

This is a picture of him with Joan Crawford. I don't know what the context is. I do know that he was a newspaper photographer.

His parents were Stefan and Magadalena. Check out the grim-faced Grandma Dzierlinga and the excellent facial hair on Grandpa and Great Grandpa Dzierlinga.

World War Two.

Everyone should smoke a pipe.

Monday, June 09, 2008


I was downtown today and saw this woman who cleverly camouflaged herself in her environment during an (illicit perhaps?) afternoon smoke.

She looks pensive.

My mom's birthday

We went out for Polish food at Szalas, which I highly recommend. Inside it looks like a Disney version of Poland. There are stuffed deer and a bear cub and usually
Polish singers or dancers and you have to pull a rope which rings a bell to be let inside. Here is my younger brother with a mouth full of beef roll.

My younger brother's friend brought his 19 month-old twins by. They are adorable little girls and he's really shown himself to be the most wonderful and thoughtful father. (He's kind of shiny looking because it was really hot in there. )

My New Favorite Sign

I cannot take credit for this one. At first, the wedding image alone was enough for the "oops we goofed" caption, but then Kent noticed that the seated boy is holding a hammer. This situation is ripe for disaster.

New Signs

I was proud of this all girl s'mores party.

Kent sure makes some cute signs.

Happy Birthday Kent

Taken at the Hala Kahiki bar in beautiful River Grove, IL.