Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Times They Aren't A Changing

Here's an interesting website that finds old news articles that are almost exactly the same as the ones making headlines today. Spooky and a little sad:

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Halloween with Heather

I spent Halloween in Los Angeles visiting my pal Heather. On the first night I couldn't pull off my Prince costume. No one understood that I was supposed to be the creator of Purple Rain and When Doves Cry. I just looked like "fancy velvet lady" so I abandoned that costume and ended up being "Little Orphan Annie as an Old Lady Mall Walker." It wasn't my best work. Heather on the other hand, went as a sexy day laborer. She was sick of all the sexy cop, sexy nurse, sexy pirate costumes out there. I think she pulled it off pretty well.

The second night, we went as Glamour Shots, the hideous soft focus mall photos. We put on our most 80's style glamorous outfits and held cheese cloth stretched in embroidery hoops in front of our faces to create that soft focus/diffuse filter effect. Our costumes were also simultaneously the song, "Black Velvet". I was in addition to Glamour Shots and Black Velvet, my 8th grade performing arts teacher who loved big turquoise jewelery and interpretive dance.

Enjoy the photos:

For even more pictures go here: