Friday, July 07, 2006

John the Canadian

John-the-Canadian slept on my couch for a couple weeks while he was in town shooting his road trip video about contemporary male identity. He split his time between working on the video and hanging out with a bunch of young Lacanian Marxist hobos and the Flower Shop Boys, six painters/new media students who live in an old flower shop and have a lot of idealism and good manners.

John-the-Canadian and a Flower Shop Boy.

The Flower Shop Boys hope to open up a free neighborhood internet center here.

The Greenhouse. This space is just hugely pregnant with possibilities.

I got John-the-Canadian to help me shoot a fundraising video for The Garden Center, a non-profit work center for the developmentally delayed. At the Garden Center, t
he term they prefer instead of "developmentally delayed" is "consumer". I guess by calling the D&D's consumers, which we all are, it maybe is supposed to normalize everything? I don't know.

John-the-Consumer with

John seemed quiet and moody much of the time during his stay. I thought it was something I did, but I soon found out it was because one of the rail-hopping French-Canadian hobos had broken his heart. Lucky for him, John has so many friends and so many plans that I don't see him being heart-broken for long. Soon J-the-C will be back on the road headed north to Canada and perhaps in another two years will blow back through the Midwest. Happy travels, JR.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Hair Piece in the Road

Lonely hair piece in the road,
How did you get there?
Whose hair did you hold?

Who did you know?
How far have you come?
and how far could you go?

Do drivers mistake you for a dead squirrel?
When you are so much more.
So much lonely hair piece, so much more.