Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Heather's Visit

Heather came to town last week and we ate and drank like pigs or queens or both. She got her nails done (kinda crazy looking) and here we are posing in front of cakes.

Hot Doug's was a wonderful lunch stop. She's beaming at her gyros sausage (topped with feta cheese and olives)

Dad's socks

These are the socks my dad wore on his birthday.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Grand Canyon Trip: The End

When we finally finished our trip, the car had a distinct, meat-being-processed-by-human-bodies smell and the outside of the car was covered in thousands of dead bugs. It is good to be home in my clean bed.

Grand Canyon Trip: Nebraska

In order to get home, we had to travel through the unattractive, boring parts of the United States (Nebraska, Iowa, and the eastern half of Colorado) . We took a different route than the way we came because none of us had ever been to Nebraska and we wanted to try their famous loose meat sandwiches.
At least there were some pretty storms to watch:

Grand Canyon Trip: The Arches!

The Arches National Park, which came highly recommended to us (thanks, Kent!), was perhaps even more beautiful than the Grand Canyon. We took a pretty serious hike up one of the hills to watch the sunset. When we took a break, I sat down next to Brick and noticed a safety pin at the bottom of his pant leg. "Brick," I asked, "are you wearing pants that need to be dry cleaned?" His answer: "Well, I feel like if we're in God's country, I should dress like I'm going to church."

Ah, the idling tour vans: