Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Joey's Birthday II

I'll always cherish this photo of my mom.

Brothers with guns

Brothers with guns and mom!

Brothers shooting zombies, communists, then each other.

Joey's birthday cards. The one from my mom says, "Good for one tattoo!" at the bottom.

Joey's Birthday

We went to Dave and Busters to play video games for Joey's 19th birthday. Roman quickly observed that you could either play games where you shoot stuff or pretend to drive stuff. We grew to love this rather bleak game Eighteen Wheeler- American Pro Trucker.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New England Vacation part 2

Their fire hydrants aren't red.

Wells, Maine. Had a really delicious lobster roll here.

Taking the boat to get groceries and ice cream cones!

In my adorable purple bathing suit. The little girl in the background is the one who drank the entire contents of a hummingbird feeder by siphoning the juice out of its little flower shaped holes. She later told a room full of adults that her 12 year old sister had her period.

Ponies! Pretty ponies!

New England vacation

Somewhere in Massachusetts is this crazy house.

I insisted we stop for the Candy Mansion.

I would have killed for this when I was little.

Things to make

Eric Ripert is a chef at Le Bernardin in New York. He has a blog of himself making lovely little recipes in his toaster oven. In short quicktime videos there are directions on delicious looking things like raspberry clafouti and caramelized mango with rum.

Monday, August 11, 2008

This Looks Pretty Great Too

From a movie called Bombay Talkie:

My favorite Bollywood Song Ever

I have always loved Piya Tu Ab To Aaja. It might be the best 60's Bollywood song ever. These kinds of dance scenes had to stand in for love scenes because censors prohibited any kind of romantic touching in Indian films. I think this dancing is way more suggestive though, suggestive in a manic, playful kind of way.