Saturday, March 03, 2007

New York: Day 2

Day 2 of the New York trip was a perfect day:

  1. Had a delicious meal at the City Bakery
  2. Visited various Chelsea galleries
  3. Ate cupcakes
  4. Skipped while holding hands
  5. Walked around Greenwich Village
  6. Had Pinkberry
  7. Found a nice cafe and had a good chat
  8. Met up with a couple of old friends at Washington Square
  9. Went to see the new Alan Ball play, All That I Will Ever Be
  10. Had dinner with Janet and one of her roommates
  11. Went to see the number one dive in NY.
It was a sunny and beautiful, 50-degree day in New York City. Everything went as planned and Fair White and I did all the things that we love to do.

The play was typical Alan Ball over-the-top drama, but with moments of poignant subtlety peppered in. It's the story of a gay prostitute that is a pathological liar. He lies because his life is unimpressive and because he doesn't want to be hurt. Ultimately, it's a play about letting go of hurt feelings and letting yourself be loved.

The dive was located in the back room of a deli in Lower Manhattan. After walking past the customers eating sandwiches and walking through a door that looked like it would lead to a bathroom, we had arrived. The bar itself was barely larger than a standard living room and it was filled with the downtrodden and nearly naked women. I was offered a free lap-dance.

I politely declined.

A perfect day indeed.
Stay-tuned for Fair White's NY impressions and photos.


arudis said...

I'd like to hear more about the cupcakes.

Brick Hunter said...

The cupcakes were wonderful. We had planned on stopping by Magnolia's, but we came across another, equally delicious looking bakery. The first thing you noticed when you walk in the door is a the strong scent of melting butter.

We had a chocolate-vanilla and a vanilla-vanilla. There was just the right amount of frosting and the cake wasn't too dry. Best part: only 1.75 a cupcake.