Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Band Names

Kent's band needs a new name. Their current name (Anne's Pants) is so lame that his friends won't go and see him play. Here are the suggestions he's gotten so far:

Sissy Fist (sounds like Sisyphus, the king from Greek mythology who was punished by being cursed to roll a huge boulder up a hill throughout eternity).

Brisket (sort of vague, would work if they were Jewish)

The Timbertoes (the cartoon about a wooden family, featured in the Highlights for Children magazine)

Upsie Downs and the Rockabilly Retards

The Tough Skins (a brand of colorful pants sold at Sears in the 60's, specialized in husky sizes)

Metal Ruler (not really appropriate as they are not a metal band)

Do you have any suggestions?


Mrs. Kleechton said...


anne's crap pants
crappy pants
panting annie
wang dang doodle
anne wang
vera wang
very wrong
crap wrong
crappy anne
apple anne
apple sauce
crappy apple
crab apple
I've got crabs
I did anne
Kent's pants

Anonymous said...

If they are a mellow kinda twee-ish band, how about Whimsy on Tap?

I think Queensbury is a good name, because, if someone in the audience yells, "Queensbury Rules!" then, they could stage an elaborate boxing match, and that would be hilarious to anyone who got the joke.

Indian Burial Ground is a good name for a saddy-sadface band.

If I give you all of my awesome band name ideas, I won't have any left for the distant future in which I potentially gain talent.

By the way, I got here through My name on the is ADamnHotSecond, so, yeah, mayhaps I'll see ya around.


Anonymous said...

Tank Manners
Sackosaur Bones
Click Click Heels
Manilla Trendsetters
Basket Bordello
Keen on Phillip
Me and my new shoe
The Git Done and do its
Bottles not glass
red and the off colours (note the `ur` so that you look well traveled)
Bettie and the Pagecuts

and if none of these work, go ahead and through some emo self hate into babelfish and see what you come up with.

mon chien mort - "my dog died"
mon rasoir préféré - "my favorite razor"
le papa ne me comprend pas - "my dad doesnt understand me"

Fair White Frogman said...

I like The Git Done and do its. They are a kind of country-rock band. That fits real nice.

Chris said...

i'm not sure how i got to this page.. . but i just wanted to say that i wore toughskins in the 80's. they were maroon.


Anonymous said...

What kind of friends won't support you because of the name of your band? That's lame.

"The Git Done and Do Its" is nice. Or what about "Kent's Friends Pound Sand So We Had to Change Our Name to Wang Dang Doodle"