Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kitty's Bridesmaids Tea

Kitty's getting married. The other bridesmaids and I had been trying to plan something for her, and had been e-mailing back and forth. Here's what I suggested:

I think there should be naked swimming in Lake Michigan or a visit to the Turkish bath house on Division. Something that we don't tell her about ahead of time that would be scary fun- i.e. a whipping with branches, skipping stones, really loud screaming, breaking glass... something symbolic. I know she always wanted to fill nice stemware with red paint and throw them at a brick wall. (She told me) We could do that. How about staying awake for three days on end? Does anyone have any nice pictures of her from a long time ago? How about a pinata? How about setting something symbolic of all the dead weight of the past on fire? I know she likes to shoot things. Maybe we could go to a shooting range and all take turns aiming at pictures of things we'd like to leave behind. It could be like Rosh Hashanah, but fun. The Mexican grocery store by my house sells whole pig heads for 8 dollars! A goldmine of meaning for super cheap! (All of my options, while meaningful are also very affordable.) Think about it.

We went with pedicures and the Bridesmaids Tea at the Drake Hotel.

Doesn't her new haircut look adorable? Just like Cat Power.

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gwensmum said...

Hi - we sure had fun at the bridesmaid tea. Krystl's new hairdo looks wonderful. I love the photos except for the one with me in the front. I look insane.