Monday, January 21, 2008

Israel part 4

Camel rides in the Negev desert. "Yeah your culture and history and religion are all really beautiful, but what really excited me was the camel ride!"

We slept in a Bedouin tent one night. It was freezing cold and really uncomfortable. Here is a Bedouin man telling us how hard it is nowadays to have two wives because they will both want a Mercedes and who can afford two Mercedes?

Chloe's book jacket pose. She is the author of such books as "Your Path to Longevity Through Nature Stewardship" and "Character Building through Muscle Building". In her spare time, she enjoys grooming the JNF forests and lives in the pacific northwest with her two dogs and three cats.

Chloe loves nature. Here she is looking out for nature.

Our new friend, Lane, loves nature too.

Ah, I really love nature!

No wait, nature is really boring.

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mrs. k said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, and if I am you can bash me on the head and throw me down a flight of stairs, but I don't think I am - isn't Chloe's leg up pose the same one that was on her last book entitled, "Leg Up!"?

I believe that her leg in the last leg up pose was actually resting on nothing at all which really says something about nature.

Gwen looks insanely fond of nature and all things forest.