Friday, April 25, 2008

Next Art Fair

I went to the Next art fair last night. It was the entire 7th floor of the Merchandise Mart. The show was pretty overwhelming due to its size and the art ranged from very good to god awful. First let's start with the good:

Some clever use of paper bags, with a not too obnoxious eco-statement.

This painting, titled Interior with Sunlight II, is by Eithne Jordan, of the Rubicon Gallery in Dublin, Ireland.

These paintings are by Kevin Cosgrove, another painter from Dublin. I heard the gallery owner say he's 23. Wow. They're similar to the
Eithne Jordan painting, but from a different gallery. Hmm... makes me want to get to know the Dublin art scene.

These miniatures are by Tracey Snelling of the Tache-Levy Gallery, in Brussels. As everyone knows, I sure do love miniatures.

Even miniature strip clubs with videos of tiny strippers make me smile.

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