Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Covered signs

Double Billboards
oil on canvas
60" x 48"

In 2011, I made a few paintings of the large billboards on Ashland near Division. 

oil on canvas
28" x 36"

I loved their darkness against the sky and the bright yellow restaurant below them. 

Recently, the yellow paint was stripped off of that building revealing a sign for 5 cent hamburgers.

 I was painting a lot of covered signs in 2011, but was unaware that this was one of them.

Washington Mutual
oil on canvas
36"x288" (3ft x 24ft)

This was another painting of a covered sign at that same intersection. It was on a former Washington Mutual bank. The bank failed and was closed, but the large outdoor sign remained and was wrapped up in white vinyl. A different kind of covering than the 5 cent hamburger sign, but interesting just the same. 


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