Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vermont Studio Center-- new artists

I met some great artists in Vermont including, Hai Hsin Huang

She does these amazing, detailed drawings with hundreds of tiny figures in laughing, choking, partying, running, drinking, performing CPR, and crying. 

The woman in the bottom right of the picture, leaning forward in her chair, is my favorite. She looks as if she's about to throw up. 

 One of her earlier paintings. More here: http://haihsinhuang.com/work.html

Andrew Fish makes large bright paintings of vacation-y people and places. Really fantastic use of color and reduced but precise forms. 

More here: 


and finally, Veronika Pausova. Strange and wonderful, this one is called Desperate Painting. 

 This one is called Excorcism II. See more here: http://veronikapausova.com/index.php/project/

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