Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Travel Stories -Seattle

My sister now lives in Everett -a small, quaint suburb of Seattle. Her landlady, Inger, is a thrifty Norwegian woman who made me a pair of slippers because I didn't pack any. She's the kind of woman who always knows an easier and more efficient way of doing what ever it is you're doing and she gave me a really nice shirt that she said was a head-turner when she wore it in Europe in the 70's.

My visit was a visit of firsts- my first time using a gun, my sister's first visit to a casino, and the first time I ever saw these ridiculous "car testicles". I know that for a lot of people, one's car is linked to their sense of verility and genital size, but I always thought that kind of thinking was something one was supposed to be embarassed about.

My pal Jason came to visit. By chance, we appeared in today's issue of the Seattle Times:

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