Friday, February 09, 2007

More art.

The Endless Fifteen Minutes -
Andy’s more alive than ever. The press loves him, young artists discuss him reverently, foreigners consider him essential. The filmmaker Ric Burns recently made a two-part documentary about him. A show of his late work was one of the most discussed exhibitions last year. Phaidon just published a giant book called Andy Warhol: “Giant” Size. A trendy downtown club on Chrystie Street is dolling itself up to look like the Factory, the name of Warhol’s tinfoil-wrapped studio.
Everyday I try to be as generous as I can be - This is a pretty great article from LA Weekly about Koons. Here's an excerpt:
At one point a questioner in the audience addressed the result of Koons’ own self-acceptance, suggesting that his work is “cynical.” Koons seemed to take a slightly deeper breath; he’s heard this before. “I’m not cynical,” he said with deliberation. “My definition of cynicality is when you have more information than you reveal. I try to reveal everything I know. Every day I try to be as generous as I can be.”
What a great definition of "cynical".

Can Photographers be Plagiarists - This is excellent. I just wish these photographers would stop whining about plagiarism. Stop making me angry.

Speaking of Painting - Not all painters are great.

More than 80,000 sound and video recordings of animals now available to public online - Cool.


Derek Erdman said...

Hey, you're some kind of fucking asshole! Thanks a lot, tiny!

sport said...

Derek Erdman seems to be very sensitive, especially when it comes to painting Rollie Fingers...(which I quite enjoy!).