Thursday, February 01, 2007

People like sex apparently.

Flapper dresses are back! - And so is the Charleston! I need a flapper--I really do.

On-line dating works - Hmmm...

It's better to wait - Women who keep their men waiting longer end up having better, more fulfilling sex. Not all that surprising.

Posing as a family, sex offenders stun town

In nearby Surprise, where Casey was enrolled as a 12-year-old in a public school for four months, he was regarded as a shy, average student with chronic attendance problems. A man identified as his uncle had registered him, attended curriculum night and e-mailed his teachers about homework assignments.

Now Casey is in jail, and his former neighbors and classmates have learned the unthinkable: Not only is Casey not Casey — his real name is Neil H. Rodreick II — but he is also a 29-year-old convicted sex offender who kept a youthful appearance with the aid of razors and makeup. [via Minidick]

Love in Warcraft - Losers.
My goal was to see how many "boyfriends", for lack of a more demeaning term, I could maintain at one time. The rules I set for myself were not to spend any gold at all on the loves of my life, and never implicitly ask them for gold or items. No real cybersex either - I save that for the Something Awful forums. I would, however, depend on the kindness of these strangers. [via Minidick]
Dating is competitive manipulation - What a great article. I love this girl.
Yeah, the logical part of my mind can hardly believe garbage like that works, either. But dating isn’t about logic. It’s all maneuverings and subtle manipulations.

But had he not had a girlfriend, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to get to know him enough to like him in the first place.

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