Monday, June 17, 2013

Bad At Sports-- SLAC article June 2013

Check out this very nice write-up by Dana Bassett on Bad At Sports:

SLAC studios take hold on Milwaukee Ave

If you live in Logan Square you’ve probably been wondering what happened to that garrish pink bakery on Milwaukee Avenue near the Spaulding Blue Line stop. Unwilling to let it lay dormant, Gwendolyn Zabicki, founder and director of the South Logan Arts Coalition is putting this and other vacant storefronts on Milwaukee Avenue to use. SLAC’s studios will be open to the public with exhibitions featuring a total of 40 artists during the 2013 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, June 28-30th.
What’s the T? caught up with Zabicki and some of the SLAC artists for sneak peek of what SLAC has in store for MAAF:
Matthew Woodward with his work in the bakery turned studio.
Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival will also feature local favorites and newcomers such as the Trailer Park ProyectsThreewallsThe Comfort StationDocumentReform Objects. We also heard the food is going to be the
SLAC continued…
Milwaukee Ave Arts Fest flyer at Reform Objects.
Natalie Krick in her SLAC studio.
Zabicki in the studio being occupied by Krick.

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