Thursday, June 27, 2013

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Fest install-- June 2013

I curated a 40 person show for the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival (June 28th-30th). The install was today and it went smoothly and perfectly-- amazing! 

We have four pop up galleries for the fest. They include:

2783 N. Milwaukee,           
(a former Jewelry store)                                      

Simone Chagoya
Stephanie Del Carpio  
Ariel Winholt  
2779 N. Milwaukee
(formerly Sensé boutique)
Clarissa Bonet
Gregg Evans  
Stacee Kalmanovsky  
Natalie Krick
Lisa Lindvay
Jamie Steele

2747 N. Milwaukee
( formerly Pierre's Bakery)

Karen Azarnia
Garrett Baumer  
Amanda Brown
Maurene Cooper
Robin Dluzen  
Paige Fetchen
Diana Gabriel
Zachary Davis Mory
Jeff Prokash
Kelly Riker
Dmitry Samarov
Melody Saraniti
Carly Silverman
Stephanie Tisza
Noah Vaughn
Nathan Vernau
Matthew Woodward
Gwendolyn Zabicki


2634 N. Milwaukee,
(former shoe store)

Evan Baden
Garth Borovicka
Stephanie Burke and Jeriah Hildwine
Sarah Holden
Raeleen Tseng Kao
Gabriel Mejia
Jake Myers
Macon Reed
Morgan Sims
Chris Smith

And just in case you want to see more, here's a link to the flickr page:

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