Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival-- mention in Bad At Sports

The scene on Milwaukee Avenue this weekend.

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival Roundup

As if Logan Square wasn’t already the best neighborhood in Chicago (sorry haterz), this weekend’s Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival was the perfect combination of art, craft and deliciousness. The festival had everything: boneless rib sandwiches, hot dogs, cheese burgers, italian sausages, cheese fries, funnel cakes, Wisconsin cheddar curds, corn dogs, chicken strips, cheese sticks, cheese curds, nachos and potato skins. Here are a few of the highlights:
All of the things!
Lisa Lindvay somehow managed to make Doritos gorgeous at one of the SLAC storefront exhibitions
We loved Natalie Krick’s clever use of the dressing rooms in the abandoned clothing store where one of the SLAC exhibitions took place.
WTT? is a longtime GDBD fan, so we were of course delighted to see member Jamie Steele’s work, Lady(2013) at MAAF.
The extremely lovely and extraordinarily talented Nadine Nakanishi at her booth for Sonnenzimmer.
Aron Gent’s cardboard palace for Document &Threewall‘s joint booth at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival.
Orange: No further proof needed than the ongoing and extreme popularity of the negroni slushies from Parson’s Chicken & Fish.
Mobile negroni slushie’s at MAAF this weekend. Photo via Parson’s Facebook.

LS Alderman, Rey Colón, checking out a photo by Garrett Baumer at one of the SLAC’s pop-up art exhibitions on Milkwaukee.

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Matt Maldre said...

I'm glad you posted pics. I wasn't able to attend this year. I'm glad it was fun! :)