Sunday, June 03, 2007

The News used to be cool!

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Mrs. Kleechton said...

Why can't today's news shows be like that?

Speaking of crappy news shows, I recently emailed channel 7 Chicago and asked why the news readers seem to be having a happy, casual conversation with each other, always thanking each other for reporting the a news story and addressing each other - example: Linda,Hillary Clinton gave a speech today or John,Barack Obama was in town...etc.

I stated that this was confusing and seemed a bit unprofessional.

Wow, did I offend them. I was sent a really snippy defensive reply along with a "thanks for your comments, we always appreciate feedback."

So, I emailed back and said I usually watch channel 11 or 20 for news anyway and told them, "you're welcome, glad I could be of help"

People from other countries who come here and watch our news shows must think we are all idiots.