Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Trips: London and Prague - Prague

The lovely cobblestone streets. Matt tells me that walking on cobblestone is better for your feet because the stones hit your pressure points better than flat pavement.

And the equally lovely sidewalks.

Matt thinks about beer.

Authentic Czech cuisine; nothing to write home about.

Matt finds his favorite brand of absinthe.

Just walking around random Prague streets is an amazing and beautiful experience.

Those pretzels are not free. I learned that the hard way.

It felt great to give $1oo and get 2000 Krowns back.

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Sean said...

Pictures are great! Interesting and useful article!
I always dreamed to visit unique and awesome Prague! Only three month ago my dream became truth! I found in Prague accommodation near Vltava and historic center! First 2 days we had several excursions and than just walked around the city!
There are many sightseeings and historical places!
I really enjoyed our trip!