Friday, June 08, 2007

Summer Trips: London and Prague - London (Part 2)

We explored London by getting off at random Tube stops. One of those stops included Camden Town, which had all sorts of interesting shops and restaurants. It was filled with all sorts of hipsters and malcontents; I liked it. Ran into a Woolworths while walking around. Not sure if this is related to the famous American store or not. (Update: Apparently it is!)
On our last night, we walked around Picadilly Circus, which is London's version of Times Square.

We visited the Kew Royal Gardens on our last day. Did you know that palm trees can grow in England?
This is the London Stone. It's essentially the State and Madison of London--all distances are measured from this stone. Although, the stone has been moved multiple times, and is now in the basement of a Puma Sports store.
Our last stop was the Maritime Museum. There's a nice observation deck at the top of a huge hill. I ran up it; Matt walked. We both ran down. To the right is the London financial district and to the left is the old part of the city.

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