Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back to Traveling

I went to the Chicago Botanical Gardens today because all the tulips will be gone by the time I get back into town. Tyler said something very nice and Proustian the other day about tulips. Tulips are great not only because they are very colorful and short-lived, which would make almost anything special, but because living in Chicago it can be barely 40 degrees outside and you're cold and it's already April, but then you see those tulips and you know that the tulips can't be wrong. He said, "it's cold but oh wait, there are tulips. " Warm weather is coming and everything is going to be ok.

There are lots of interesting varieties of freak plants. This one can grow 30 feet tall.

The miniature/arctic plants are especially interesting. A miniature plant garden is now on my list of things to do.

Tomorrow, I fly to San Francisco, so there will be limited posting for a week. In the meantime, watch lots of Japanese tv:


Tyler said...

where's the cool one of me in the tulips?

mom said...

Tulips don't have a sweet smell so they don't attract those early spring bees that flowers need. So, they attract them by way they look inside. If you look inside a tulip, it looks like a bee in there. Plus, the bulb part underground, multiplies, so every year there are more tulips. Tulips are amazing.