Friday, April 21, 2006

A Life of Quiet Desperation

So, you know how I've always loved news anchors- the fake smiles, the forced laughter and small talk they have with the other anchors while on the air. I went on the good old internet, and wrote to all the most robotic and horrible looking ones (Kathy Brock, Tamron Hall, Mark Suppelsa, Margaret Shortridge, Jerry Taft...etc) asking for glossy fan photos. Mark Suppelsa has been the only to send a picture so far, which I have scanned into my computer in order to manipulate it in photoshop. The plan is to have a bunch of different, progressively more severe/crazed looking versions of his photo that I will string together into a slowly changing 20 to 30 second video.

This is the original.

This is my most manipulated version, clearly I'm not finished.

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