Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Travel Stories-Heather has Good Friends

So Heather told me that in Los Angeles there is a shockingly greater number of funny, intelligent, good-to-know women out there than there are men. There are more women in LA to begin with, but she says all her female friends are super cool, where as the males are just sort of "eh".

To start, Heather's friend Holly was sitting in a restaurant eating grotesque over-sized pancakes with us. She noticed that the building across the street had a large, white over-hanging roof that was not unlike the top piece of styrofoam that comes in a box when you buy a television. And you know, by golly, she was right. She went on to tell us about an informal study that she did about gender, race and ice cream. Her findings: men perfer the chocolate/mint chip varities, Asians are the only ones who order rum-raisin ice cream, black people like peanut butter and chocolate combinations, and women prefer chocolate or strawberry (the overly sweet flavors).

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black people like butter pecan