Thursday, April 13, 2006

One more good Heather story, then that's it.

So Heather has this great story about Los Angeles, about getting invited to a very exclusive party in someone's giant house in the hills. It involves Heather and her friend and a very annoying sort of model who was the one to get them invited to this party in the first place. So they get there and the host answers the door and offers them a drink. Heather asks what he has to drink and the host pauses for dramatic effect then leans in and says slowly and clearly, "everything." And inside there's beautiful women and free drugs and hot tubs with models sitting in them, every cliche. So Heather has a drink and is standing around talking with some people, they haven't been there long, when the annoying model friend says that they have to go. She's had a fight with the host, a wealthy producer who is also her much older boyfriend, and I think in the story there were some tears maybe, but definitely some dramatic exiting. On the way to the car, the annoying model texts the host/boyfriend saying, "maybe we shouldn't see each other anymore." His response to her is simply, "k". Not "ok" not "Oh darling, let's talk about this some other time." Just "k". "K" as in "you're not worth the time it would take to type that extra "o"".

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