Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cubs Game

I don't like baseball, but Mason bought an extra ticket so I went to the Cubs game. It was a glorious day to sit outside and I was able spend the bulk of the game searching for things for us to eat, visiting the loo, or staring at people so that I really didn't have to watch any of the baseball at all. My favorite part of any baseball game has always been when the guys with rakes come out and tidy up the field. I like to stand and cheer for them. It's so good and satisfying to watch them smooth out all the footprints in the dirt and they do it so efficiently too.

Lots of people leave around the start of the ninth inning because they want to beat traffic. Well the Cubs were winning 5 to 3, the ninth inning came and went, and the Cubs ended up losing 5 to 6. Mason and Peter were pretty broken up about it. Next time we'll leave when ever the Cubs are ahead, 8th inning, 3rd inning, whatever, and just go home ignorant and happy.

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