Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Travel Stories- San Francisco

When my friend first moved into his now trendy-transitional neighborhood, it was still pretty bad. Prostitutes would gather at the end of the block and men would drive by all night picking them up. A crazy old guy across the street made the news for throwing a brick out his window at one of the cars- he said God told him to do it. Anywho, when the neighborhood started to change, he'd see more and more hipsters walking around and for a brief time he was often uncertain if a woman was a hooker or a hipster. Knee socks? Boots? Goofy hair? Loud accessories? (Hooker? Hipster? Hooker? Hipster?) These adornments could easily be found in either group.

Another story: check out the Rainbow Gathering website.

The Rainbow Gathering is a yearly naked crazy hippie Hari-Krishna festival that happens over the summer. The rules are anything goes but also to think about taking care of the earth and junk.

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