Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What I'm painting now.

This is what I just painted (sorry the picture is slightly out of focus):

From this picture I took in San Francisco:

Hills are sort of a novelty for me, having grown up in the midwest where there are no hills. In the development process of San Francisco, a lot of the nearby hills were blown up. Sometimes just the hilltops were taken off, but on this one they made roads around it, making it that much more of a cartoon and a novelty for me.

I started painting this:

and this:
I like seeing the insides of buildings that I feel like I'm not supposed to see. There's a matress sticking out of one of the rooms. The shapes in these pictures are really nice too.

Next, I'm going to paint some of these nice storm pictures I took. We were on our way to Naperville yesterday for Memorial Day meat roasting and it looked like we were headed into the abyss.

I've also got some fine images of old folks from the Slovenian dance hall in Cleveland, OH. I'm going to paint some of them this summer. The color balance on the camera was off, but in a good way. It made everyone look sort of washed out and delicious. Lots of creamy whites in the hair, and streaks of light brown, next to blonde, next to gray. The old people/hair painting project will be a fun exercise in color.

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