Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Travel Stories- San Francisco

So a friend of mine was teaching a class on the grotesque at an art school. For the last class, all of his students came to his house to show their final projects and to kill and eat three chickens. Before the class he asked me if I would kill one of the chickens because his students might be squeemish and change their minds at the last minute. So I said I would, and I did, and the whole thing turned out to be an interesting, time-consuming process that didn't actually yield that much meat.
We bought the chickens before class in Chinatown. An already prepared chicken only costs a dollar more. Then we practiced on a chopping block. We rigged up a little device to hold the chicken's neck in place.

The worst part isn't cutting the head off, but holding the chicken for a minute or so while it bleeds and trembles.

Then we dunked the chickens in hot water to loosen up the feathers, followed by about 25 minutes of feather plucking.

After that, we chopped off the legs and wings, gutted them, burned off any remaining feathers on the grill, then let them hang for a few hours to let any extra blood drip out. When they were finally cooked and ready to eat, they were served along with prepared store bought chicken and even more distanced chicken (of the nugget variety) from a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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